Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


What is a Covered Entity?

A covered entity is a:

-Household, or
-Charity, or
-School district, or
-Business with 10 or fewer employees.

 In addition, anyone delivering seven (7) or fewer electronic devices to a “collector” at any one time is also considered a covered entity.

What is a Collector?

A collector, which may have one or more collection sites, means an entity that receives electronic devices and performs any of the following:

-Arranges for the delivery of the electronic devices to another collector or a recycler
-Sorts electronic devices
-Consolidate electronics devices
-Provides data security services in manner approved by the Secretary

What Is Electronic Waste?


-Computers(desktops, all-in-ones, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and tablets)
-Computer monitors(CRTs, flat panel displays, LCD displays, plasma displays)
-Printers (most types including multi-functional machines) Does not include floor-standing models
-Computer Peripherals(items exclusively for external use which connect to a computer, such as a mouse, keyboard, scanner, external hard drive, modem, computer speakers


Under the State Standard Plan collector contracts, ONLY these above devices falling under the “electronic waste” definition coming from “Covered Entities” will be compensated.  For this reason, they must be kept separate from other devices, unless alternative arrangements are made in advance.


Besides Electronic Waste from Covered Entities, What Else Do Some Collectors Have to Accept?

Technically, collectors under the State Standard Plan do not have to accept anything other than “Electronic Waste from Covered Entities.” However, some collectors who are municipalities may need to provide for collection of all banned electronic devices per other legal requirements.  Banned electronic devices that are not considered “electronic waste” include:

-Personal electronics (e.g., PDAs and music players)
-Electronic game consoles
-Fax machines
-Answering machines
-Videocassette recorders
-DVD players
-Digital converter boxes
-Stereo equipment
-Power supply cords (as used to charge electronic devices)



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