Am I An Electronics Recycler?


You are a RECYCLER - if you have a permanent location in the state of Vermont and accept computers, computer peripherals, monitors, televisions, or printers from anyone, including collectors, for the purpose of recycling, reuse, or refurbishment.

Am I a Recycler if I ONLY collect electronics for reuse, repair or refurbishment?
No. If you solely collect electronic waste for reuse, repair, or refurbish of electronics, you are not a recycler.

What must I do to recycle electronic devices as a Vermont business?

ALL Vermont Recyclers are required (no matter if participating in a Plan or outside of any Plan) to comply with the following requirements in order to recycle any computers, computer monitors, printers, televisions or computer peripherals:

  1. Register with the State as a Recycler
  2. Follow the storage and management standards in the Procedure for the Environmentally Sound Management of Electronic Devices (Procedure)
  3. Be either R2 or E-Stewards certified or for those who qualify, provide a variance to this requirement.
  4. Report annually to the Agency of Natural Resources. (see below)


Who has to register as a Recycler?

Any Vermont business that:

Recycles, reuses, and refurbishes one or all of the following electronic devices: 
• Computers (such as desktops, all-in-one computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and tablets)
• Computer monitors (any type, i.e., CRTs, flat panel displays, LCD displays, plasma displays)
• Printers (most types including multifunctional machines - does not include floor-standing models)
• Televisions (any type, i.e., CRTs, flat panel displays, LCD displays, plasma displays)
• Computer Peripherals (items sold exclusively for external use which connect to a computer such as a mouse, keyboard, scanner, external hard drive, modem, UPS, computer speakers, etc.)

Note: A business that collects any of the above devices solely to reuse, refurbish, and repair is not considered a recycler.


What if I am a Recycler located outside the state of Vermont,
but recycle electronic devices collected in Vermont?

You would not need to register. If a recycler collects from a Vermont recycler, they would be required to comply with the standards of Responsible Recycling (R2) or e-Stewards as a downstream vendor.


What is the fee to register with the State of Vermont as a Recycler?

There is no fee. You only need to provide basic information to register.


What information must a Recycler report to the State?

Recyclers’ annual report must include:

• The types of electronic waste managed (e.g., computers, computer monitors, printers, televisions, computer peripherals);
• The total weight of all electronic waste (i.e., computers, computer monitors, printers, televisions, computer peripherals) and banned electronic devices from covered entities (i.e. households, charities, school districts, businesses who employee 10 or fewer individuals);
• The total weight of electronic waste recycled during the preceding program year (and if any waste was collected directly from a covered entity at the recycling location, that weight identified separately);
• An identification of whether the weight reported above was collected under:
a) The State Standard Plan
b) Outside of the state plan
• The amount of electronic waste, by weight, that was removed for non-local reuse; and
• The amount of electronic waste, by weight, that was removed for local reuse.

For more information about requirements for recyclers, please contact: Karen Knaebel at (802) 522-5736 or call 1-855-6ECYCLE.


How Do I Report to the State?

By November 1st each year, all recyclers in the state must report the quantities as listed above for the previous program year (October 1st through September 30th). If a recycler is also a collector for the State Standard Plan, those quantities must be reported separately.

To access the on-line reporting program (ReTrac):

  1. Click here if you have never reported utilizing the Re-Trac system -
  2. Click here if you have already registered in Re-Trac -

If you are unable to access the internet forms, or need assistance with reporting, please contact Becky Webber:
or 802-522-3658 or call 1-855-6ECYCLE.


Updated 7/22/19


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